Welcome To St. David’s

 We are so glad you have joined us for worship this morning and we hope that it will be meaningful to you. 

If you are new to an Episcopal service of worship, here is some information that might be helpful.  We use The Book of Common Prayer (BCP).  The bulletin provides the page numbers for the BCP, an outline of the service, the scripture readings, prayers and announcements.  Many people find it helpful to use the bulletin as a BCP bookmark!  The hymns are in the back of your bulletin or in the hymnal.

Often there is a point in the service known as the “laying on of hands for healing”.  If you would like a prayer for healing or would like to receive this on behalf of someone, come forward to the altar at that time.  Since many people do this, a brief standard prayer is said for everyone, and one’s concern is kept in their heart.

All people are welcome to receive communion, for this is God’s table.  Some people eat the bread and then drink directly from the cup.  Others prefer to hold their piece of bread and dip it into the cup of wine.  If you would like to have a blessing instead of communion, simply cross your arms over your chest.

Children are welcome to stay with you or attend Sunday School.  There is a rocking chair in the back of the sanctuary, and crayons coloring books, and soft toys in a nearby basket.  If a child gets restless or fussy, feel free to step into the room with the glass windows.  You can see and hear the service, and there is a playpen, toys, and coloring materials.  You are also welcome and encouraged to bring your child to the altar when communion is served whether or not they will be receiving.  There is a changing table for infants in the bathroom in the foyer near the front doors.

There are two unisex and handicap restrooms, one by the doors leading to the sanctuary and the other off of the upper hall.  A handicap elevator is also available.

After the service, you are welcome to join us for a cup of coffee in the upper hall.  By the front doors there is also a guestbook we’d be delighted if you would sign it.  The most recent parish newsletter and an introductory brochure are also available in the front hall.

Whether you are here for the day or to stay, may God’s blessing be with you on your spiritual journey!